You may have received another confirmation email.

It’s ok, it wasn’t spam. It really was from me.

I had some technical issues in February and the site was down for over a week. Of course this all happened while I was in Arizona so I had limited data and talk time which added to my frustration. I’m not gonna lie, I did actually cry.

But now everything is fixed and working great. In fact I’ve made a few improvements including some added security so your visits to Old Cut Kitchen are safe from spam, hackers etc. They always were but now if you browse using Google Chrome you won’t get the warning that the site may not be safe. I can’t even begin to explain or understand the technology, but I’m now https instead of http. This is important if a site has personal info, banking records etc, which I don’t. But if any of you want to send your credit card information I promise I won’t spend more than $100.00. Ha ha ha.

One of the issues I did have when transferring everything over was I lost all my subscribers. I was able to manually enter some of them and that’s why some people got an email asking to confirm their subscription. Thanks to Joyce for letting me know, I wasn’t aware that this happened.

Some of the you might see your name is coming up as “subscriber” because the first name data was lost for some people. Feel free to visit the site and re-enter your name (real or fake) and your email address in the Subscribe section if you want to update your first name. I will be notified if a new subscriber joins and I can make sure you aren’t in there twice. And of course you can always unsubscribe using the link in the new post emails.

So thanks to everyone for your support! And welcome to those who are new subscribers. I’m working on a few new posts including homemade gnocchi, Thai grapefruit salad and some pub food ideas. And with the arrival of spring (any day now) I’m looking forward to fresh local produce to inspire new ideas.

You can contact me through the site if you have any questions, concerns or even recipe ideas.



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