Garlic Naan Bread

One downside to living in a small community is the lack of diversity in the food department. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a booming metropolis and have a huge variety of international foods at your fingertips? But that comes with a pretty high price tag and a lot of other stuff that wouldn’t work for us. So, we prefer to make the best of it. Instead of driving an hour for authentic Indian food, I’ll have to learn to make it at home. And the one thing that almost everyone loves is naan. Garlic Naan Bread is pretty easy to make actually and doesn’t require yeast so it’s possible you have all the ingredients you need right now. Tawa Naan is traditional naan that is not cooked in a tandoor which is a hot clay oven.
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Butter Chicken

This is a true story. I was in a grocery store looking at yogurt and a woman came over and started talking to me about what kind of yogurt I should buy. Yes she was a complete stranger. I told her I wanted full fat Greek yogurt because I was making Butter Chicken. She said oh no, you make butter chicken with coconut milk. “Hmmmm,” I said, “well I haven’t ever made it that way. I’m using a recipe shared by a former co-worker who is actually from India.” Now, I know there are many ways to make butter chicken and I’ve learned the ingredients change by the region. I think the coconut milk would make it Thai ish. She insisted her recipe was authentic so I smiled and said “Sure, I’ll try it with coconut milk.” Then she actually told me which KIND of coconut milk I needed to buy! Sigh. I thanked her warmly and continued my shopping. Just as I was about to make a clean getaway, she brought me the can of coconut milk.

So instead of making a run for it, I made butter chicken with SOME coconut milk. I used the rest to make coconut rice.

And guess what? It was good. Really good.

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