Easy Focaccia Bread

This should be called Super Easy Focaccia but I think I over-use the word super. Since Focaccia dough is similar to pizza dough, the obvious way to make this an easy recipe is to use frozen store bought pizza dough. So this is for my friends who say they love homemade bread but wouldn’t make it.

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French Toast with Real Maple Syrup

When I say “real” maple syrup, what I mean is someone tapped their trees and turned it into maple syrup. Then you stop at a local farm, market or shop and buy some. Once you’ve had the real deal, the grocery store stuff just isn’t going to do it for you. So, the best way to enjoy this quality of maple syrup is to pour it over something that’s really just a reason to sop it up. French Toast is that perfect vehicle.

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New York Times No Knead Bread

I just bought a new bag of flour and when I went to open it, a warning was printed on the top: Do Not Eat Raw Flour. Really? Because I was just about to pour myself a bowl. But seriously, this is a really simple homemade bread recipe.  A few people have mentioned that they love homemade bread but probably wouldn’t make it. However, this one is different! You don’t need any special equipment or baking skills. So go out and buy some yeast and get ready to make New York Times No Knead Bread. It’s rumoured that a child can make it, it’s that easy. So no more excuses.

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You may have received another confirmation email.

It’s ok, it wasn’t spam. It really was from me.

I had some technical issues in February and the site was down for over a week. Of course this all happened while I was in Arizona so I had limited data and talk time which added to my frustration. I’m not gonna lie, I did actually cry.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

Well it’s St. Patrick’s Day so of course I had to make Corned Beef and Cabbage. It’s really Corned Beef with Cabbage, Turnips, Potatoes and Carrots so it’s a complete meal. If you buy a corned beef brisket sealed in a bag of brine, half the work is already done for you. So all that’s left is boiling and chopping. It’s that easy!

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