Easy Chicken Thighs in Peanut Sauce with Green Beans

I just received my complimentary copy of The Ultimate One-Pan Oven Cookbook by Julia Konovalova. It features complete meals using a sheet pan, dutch oven or roasting pan. The recipes are interesting, yet not complicated and include everything from breakfast to dessert. Today I’m making Easy Chicken Thighs in Peanut Sauce with Green Beans. The recipe intrigues me and I can’t wait to taste it.

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Sweet Chili Thai Chicken Thighs

This one is for my friend Vicki. We have quite the social neighbourhood and a bunch of us go for chicken wings regularly at a local restaurant. Vicki prefers the “Thai Chicken Bites” because they don’t have any bones or skin. I don’t exactly love chicken wings either, or the “bites.” They’re kind of a rip off. I prefer bone in skin on chicken thighs. There’s so much more meat and flavour than the bites or the wings and there’s no deep frying or breading. I decided to make my own Sweet Chili Thai Sauce by reading the ingredient list on the store bought jars and experimenting until I got it right. I wasn’t going for the exact flavour because I find it’s a little too sweet and hot for me. What I came up with was really good!

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