Ice Fishing on Lake Erie

ice huts lake erie

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen ice huts on the inner bay of Lake Erie. Our recent winters have been mild but this year we’ve had a great start to the ice fishing season.

We used to have our own hut. It was a project shared by several guys. The finished product was quite the achievement with design details that would be worthy of a show on HGTV. However, their big plans resulted in a big hut. A big heavy hut. It had to be “modified” in order to move it out of the building where it was constructed and towing that monstrosity to the fishing area proved to be a challenge. So the hut had a short life. Just a few seasons of “ice drinking” – our affectionate term due to the lack of fish caught.

We once had a small party in the hut while it was sitting in our driveway. And, the year we tapped our trees to make maple syrup we used the stove in the hut to boil down some sap one weekend. So I guess you can say it was useful. The best ice fishing story was when Mr. H and a friend had accidently dropped a bottle of something to keep them warm down the hole. In their efforts to retrieve the bottle, a Blackberry went down too. So, like all good fishermen, they rescued the bottle and left the phone on the bottom of the lake. The next day, our friend went to the hut and retrieved the phone. He left it on the dash of the truck in the sun while he fished. Later, it was left in a bag of rice for a day. The next day Mr. H called me from that phone! And it continued to work for another 6 months. I should’ve written to RIM to share that story.

Fortunately, there are a few local businesses who can set you up for a day of fishing and they look after almost everything!

The Brantford Expositor posted this picture the other day.

ice huts lake erie

Our friend Jim is an avid fisherman. Well, actually that would be an understatement. He’s a fish whisperer. I think he has a sixth sense about fishing. Even when no one else is catching, he is! Here’s his latest catch of perch.

perch lake erie Nice catch!

Perch is our favourite local fish. It’s mild and delicate. They are a smaller fish and cleaning them takes some practice. Lucky for us we can pay someone to clean them for us! Otherwise we’d make quite a mess. We like it best deep fried with a thin batter. And Jim is a master at that too.

deep fried perch

Thanks for sharing your pictures Jim!

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