Beef Bourguignon

Hard to pronounce. Hard to spell. Takes forever to make. But this is good. Really good. This is a revised post. I was reading a book by Anthony Bourdain and he mentioned that this is one of his favourite dishes. So based on his comments, I modified the recipe and the result is outstanding. Making it at least a day in advance is the key to perfection.

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Beef Noodle Pho

The first time I made this was right after New Years, after eating lots of leftover turkey and the finishing up the last of the baking and treats still hanging around from the holidays. Beef Noodle Pho is a healthy AND tasty meal. It’s also inexpensive and quick to prepare so you have no excuses! And if you’re making it in the summer it doesn’t heat up the kitchen much and most of the veggies can be local. Feel free to use whatever is in season.

If you haven’t tried Pho, it’s a Vietnamese dish. It’s pronounced “fuh.” The broth is made with spices you may associate with sweet flavours like cinnamon and cloves, however it’s not sweet. But don’t worry, you can buy the broth ready made and it’s pretty good!

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Tijuana Meatball Soup

The idea for this soup came when I was making cabbage rolls.  Huh? Yes! From Kraków to Tijuana. I had a mixture of ground pork and beef and wasn’t going to need all of it. And I had extra cooked rice and tomato juice. So it reminded me of a soup my mom makes called Mexican Meatball Soup. I’m not sure where she got the recipe but it’s tasty and spicy. It has meatballs held together with sticky cooked rice. I make terrible rice. It’s always sticky. It’s perfect for this!

I didn’t want to call this Mexican Meatball Soup because it isn’t like the traditional Albondigas which is the real deal. So I thought, “Do you wanna meatball soup?” Get it?

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Beef Vegetable Soup

There’s something satisfying about making soup. More than just making something that costs almost nothing, it’s taking leftovers and turning them into something tasty and even nutritious. If you’ve cooked a prime rib, save the bones and any leftover meat and make Beef Vegetable Soup.

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