Olive and Onion Bread

This rustic yeast bread is made with a mixture of chopped olives, red onions and fresh herbs. In spite of containing ingredients that might weigh it down, Olive and Onion Bread is not heavy and has an excellent texture. And, it’s one of the most popular recipes on Old Cut Kitchen!

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Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

This Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread is so good it’s ridiculous. I scribbled the recipe on a scrap of paper years ago while watching Ina Garten make it on TV and filed it away. A few years later I came across the recipe and made a batch. It was incredible. Sometimes cornbread can be dry but Ina shared a little trick that ensures it comes out moist every time.

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Is it stuffing? Or dressing? As kids we were told if it’s Sunday or a holiday it’s dressing, otherwise any other day it’s just stuffing. That was my parents’ rule. No matter what day you make this, Stuffing or Dressing is always a favourite with a turkey or chicken dinner.

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Cheddar Bacon Bread

This is a perfect recipe for someone who doesn’t make bread. There’s no kneading involved and it’s very forgiving. It was first published in Ricardo Magazine and is a simple make ahead mixture that’s baked the next day. This Cheddar Bacon Bread is worth the wait.

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Zucchini Blueberry Loaf

My parents used to tell me that during zucchini season they had to lock their cars at night or they’d find the back seat full of zucchinis. I don’t think they were joking!  My dad and Mr. Foster next door always had a friendly competition about gardening. One year they both had quite the harvest and couldn’t eat them up fast enough. I’m told Mr. Foster went out after dark and left them at various neighbours’ front doors.

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