Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot peppers are funny things. Sometimes they’re so hot you can hardly eat them and sometimes they have no heat at all. I wanted my Hot Pepper Jelly to have some heat and I knew the peppers I planted this year were going to do the job. You can make a mild version of this by using only sweet peppers but then it wouldn’t be Hot Pepper Jelly, would it?

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Turkey Patty Melt Panini

The concept of the Turkey Patty Melt Panini all started with a little jar of peony jelly.

turkey patty melt panini

And I know you’re thinking “I don’t have peony jelly,” but jelled cranberries or pepper jelly would be just as yummy in this!

My last CSA share in the fall included a really interesting creation from Sarah who had made some unique preserves using edible flowers. I’d forgotten about it because the little jar had slipped behind some other larger but less exciting items. So I opened it right away and served it with some Brie and thought wouldn’t this be great incorporated into a sandwich or panini. Well, wouldn’t you know, the next day I find ground turkey on sale. You know I can’t pass up a sale.

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