Chicken Pot Pie

I just saw a new product in the grocery store. It’s a frozen Chicken Pot Pie from a certain chain restaurant that sounds like a ski cabin in the alps. I asked one of the staff about it and she said it’s really good. But then I thought a homemade version would be better and probably have a million less grams of sodium. The next day, coincidentally, my neighbour Rob brought over a Pheasant Pot Pie he’d just taken out of the oven. It was incredible. So I’m totally copying his recipe.

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Steak and Guinness Pie

Steak and Guinness Pie. Top of my list for comfort food. The meat is cooked slowly in a bath of dark beer and topped with pastry. It’s pretty much that simple but the taste is rich and satisfying. There’s no need to make your own pastry because store bought puff pastry is perfect for this. Add a few veggies to the stew and you’ve got a complete meal.

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