Celery Bread

celery bread

If you live anywhere in Norfolk County it’s likely you know what Celery Bread is. There’s no celery in this bread. Thankfully. It’s a buttered cube of bread sprinkled with celery seed and then roasted until golden brown. The recipe originated at the Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover and is a favourite with locals. It’s a must if you’re having a fish fry.

When I was a kid my mom would use up stale hamburger buns by buttering the cut side (or probably back then spreading Imperial Margarine on them), sprinkling celery seed on top then toasting under the broiler. We loved them! We would have Celery Bread with spaghetti instead of garlic bread. But the Erie Beach Hotel method is amazing.

celery bread erie beach hotel port dover lake erie perch

I’ve heard lots of crazy ideas about their secret to making this amazing Celery Bread. I’ve been told they dip the entire loaf in melted butter. I was told they use margarine with paprika instead of butter. And someone even tried to tell me they were deep fried. Thankfully I got the true story from the experts. Here’s how they make it.

You need an unsliced loaf of white bread, preferably as square as possible. Trim all four sides and the top and bottom.

celery bread

Don’t worry about the bread left behind that’s been cut off. It’s perfect for Stuffing. Just cut the pieces into cubes and freeze them for another time.

celery bread

Cut the loaf into thick chunks. Melt butter and stir in celery seeds. Brush all exposed sides of the bread with the butter mixture. I like to sprinkle a little extra celery seed onto the bread if there’s some areas that don’t have much.

So according to the expert, Pam, who has kindly given us the true method in the comments after this post, prepare the pieces in advance, wrap them tightly and refrigerating them over night. Then stand them up in a dish and bake in a hot oven. Somewhere around 400 degrees is best and watch them turn golden brown in mere minutes.

celery bread

I’ve made a few pieces in a frying pan if I’m not making too many. Just grill each side including the top and bottom. You can also do them under the broiler but you have to keep turning them. And you have to watch them carefully – I’ve burnt an entire pan before and that totally ruins the fish fry. Totally. The expert method of baking them in a very hot oven is best.

Let the pieces fall open so more sides are exposed to the heat.

celery bread

Plan on everyone eating at least 2 pieces. And serve it right away, it’s best hot.

celery bread

Celery Bread goes great with Cornmeal Crusted Crappie. In fact, no fish fry is complete without it.

14 thoughts on “Celery Bread”

  1. Marjorie Schneider, founder of the Erie Beach Hotel is the creator of the famous celery bread. Her recipe has several small details that make all the difference in the world.
    After removing the crust from an unsliced sandwich loaf, cut the bread into approx 10-12 chunks. Brush all sides with melted butter and celery seed, wrap into loaf shape and refrigerate overnight. Place bread tipped up onto a pie plate with plenty of space between pieces for lots of browning in a 400 oven ….enjoy.

    1. Thank you SO much! I’ve been told there was paprika added and they only used margarine. I didn’t believe it! I’m going to make it this way next time.

  2. As owner of the Erie Beach Hotel I can tell you that deep frying is not a good idea unless you want a grease filled soggy bun.
    Ours is baked in the oven at high temps. Leave the deep frying for the fish. Cheers

  3. Thank you for the recipe, this is awesome ! I was just saying we need some Erie Beach celery bread for our perch fry tonight, having company in Port Stanley and they will be so impressed as they too grew up on, and are so fond of the Erie Beach celery bread!

    1. We just had dinner at the Erie Beach the other night. They have a new rooftop patio. It’s awesome! I managed to control myself and only eat one piece of celery bread but honestly I could probably eat 5 or 6!

  4. Going to the Lighthouse Theatre and lunch at the Erie Beach Hotel. Can’t wait to try the celery bread. Thanks for putting the information on the net everyone was asking what it was. I was thinking of bread with celery in it.

    1. The Lighthouse Theatre is awesome, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And yes, there’s no celery in Celery Bread, thankfully! haha.

  5. I have had the Erie Perch and celery bread there many time in my life, as I lived in Norwich and when I was young, my father would go to Port Dover for fresh fish, and we would go the the Erie Beach Hotel for dinner, a best kept secret in Ontario. Love it!

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