Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

There’s a family run asparagus farm only minutes away so we can buy fresh cut asparagus 6 days a week. We eat so much of it during the short season that I try to come up with a variety of ways to prepare it.  Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is a big hit around here. It’s really easy but it looks impressive!

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

My friend Wendy made them for me a few years ago. She grilled them on the barbeque and said her kids fight over them. And no wonder, they’re salty and crispy and yummy. Most people make these with an entire slice of prosciutto but I experimented with various widths and found you can use half a slice and it works well. Prosciutto is expensive so that’s a bonus for a thrifty girl like me! I like them grilled but I often roast them in the oven. This way you don’t risk losing them through the grill.

norfolk county asparagus

Start by rinsing the asparagus and snapping off the woody ends. If you’re buying Norfolk County asparagus, they’re grown in sandy soil so be sure to rinse the heads well, just in case. You don’t want gritty asparagus!



You may be able to buy Prosciutto at a deli and get the number of slices you want. Otherwise it comes in a package with paper between each slice which helps you peel off one layer at a time. Lay the slice on a cutting board and cut it in half lengthwise with a very sharp knife.

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Lay 4-5 spears of asparagus over top and carefully roll up. I’ve tried using more asparagus but they tend to fall apart if the bundle is too thick. 4 medium spears or 5 thin spears is perfect.

Try to use fairly similar sized spears so they cook evenly.

Drizzle or brush the bundles with olive oil. You don’t really need any salt, maybe just a tiny sprinkle. Top with fresh crackled black pepper if desired.

prosciutto wrapped asparagus prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Maybe a bit longer if you have really thick spears. They’re done when the prosciutto is sizzling and the asparagus is tender but not mushy.

For an even more decadent version, try these:

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prosciutto wrapped asparagus Yum city!

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