Is it stuffing? Or dressing? As kids we were told if it’s Sunday or a holiday it’s dressing, otherwise any other day it’s just stuffing. That was my parents’ rule. No matter what day you make this, Stuffing or Dressing is always a favourite with a turkey or chicken dinner.

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My CSA Share Pick Up

I took this beautiful picture the other day as I turned into the driveway of Meadow Lynn Market Garden to pick up my second to last CSA share.

There is something about the fall colours around here! And this particular spot with a rickety wooden bridge with a creek running underneath just adds to the charm of the program. I chose to pick up my veggies from the farm just so I get to drive over the bridge and visit with Sarah who runs the program. She recently won the Norfolk Young Entrepreneur award and when you meet her you will know why.

Here is a link to their website in case you are interested in signing up for next year:

You can purchase a full share (weekly) or a half share (bi weekly) of local organic produce. You get 8-12 items each time and there are usually a few unique items to inspire you to expand your horizons. You can also purchase eggs and beef. We had a roast and some burgers recently and they were excellent.


Cheddar Bacon Bread

I subscribe to Ricardo Magazine and I found this recipe for Cheddar Bacon Bread. This is a perfect recipe for someone who doesn’t make bread. There’s no kneading involved and it’s very forgiving. I was actually reminded of a recipe I came across a number of years ago. It was a bread recipe from the New York Times and was a “no knead” bread that became an overnight sensation! Needless to say, I did make it several times! This Cheddar Bacon Bread is very similar. And simple.

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Curried Squash Soup with Crispy Sage

This is one of my all time favourite soups. The curry powder adds not only a terrific flavour, it also enhances the colour. And that crispy sage… actually tastes a bit like buttered popcorn. There are only a few ingredients in Curried Squash Soup with Crispy Sage and it doesn’t take long to make. Also, it has a creamy texture without cream or thickeners. And, best of all, I get to use my retro inversion blender!

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Greek Salad

Greek Salad is a simple recipe that has a fantastic flavour and only takes a few minutes to prepare. It’s best when the ingredients are fresh and in season. You can add cooked pasta and extra dressing to make a greek pasta salad, or you can add lettuce and make it a tossed salad. So this is actually 3 recipes for the price of one! And best of all you don’t even need to measure the salad ingredients because the amounts don’t have to be exact.

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