Sweet Chili Thai Chicken Thighs

Those little bites of chicken in sticky Thai sauce are a popular appetizer in restaurants. But there’s hardly any meat and they’re a little dry. These Sweet Chili Thai Chicken Thighs have that sweet, hot and zesty flavour but also have juicy tender meat.

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Easy Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl

When it’s too hot to turn on the oven and even too hot to stand outside in front of a barbecue, the solution is Easy Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl. This Thai chicken soup is so easy it’s ridiculous. It takes minutes to put together and that hit of heat is perfect for a hot day. You could call this a soup. Or a noodle bowl. That depends on how much or little broth you use in relation to the other ingredients. And you can customize it by using whatever vegetables you want.

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Turkey Patty Melt Panini

A modern version of a patty melt, Turkey Patty Melt Panini is made with lean ground turkey with creamy brie and zesty sweet peony jelly or red pepper jelly. Pressing the sandwich in a panini press or between 2 hot pans gives the exterior a golden crust.

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Chicken Fajita Soup

I’m really excited about this recipe. It was an idea that turned out better than I’d expected. Which is not always the case. Not even close. I’m a master at repurposing leftovers and I’m cheap so I can make a deli chicken cover 2 dinners and maybe even a sandwich! Chicken Fajita Soup checks off many boxes, including easy, healthy, inexpensive and you can make it as hot and spicy as you like. As an added bonus it’s also very tasty!

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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is probably the most popular mainstream Indian meal. It’s a simple recipe where chicken is simmered in a mild fragrant tomato sauce and usually served over rice. It doesn’t take long to prepare and this recipe has ingredients you can find at most grocery stores.

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